Got holiday blues

It is that time of the year again. Choosing a Christmas tree, buying gifts, and planning celebrations boost your stress. Shorter daylight and cold weather make you feel depressed. But the pressure to enjoy the holidays is huge and comes from all around you: TV, friends, family.

This diAerence between what is inside and what is outside is hard to deal with.

If this sounds familiar, there are a few things you can do to make the holiday season better:

1. Identify your emotions. Take time to recognize how you feel (sad, lonely, anxious, disappointed, worried). Think about the reasons for your emotions.
2. It is OK. If you are under the weather during the time of the year, it might feel wrong that you feel bad. It is important to remember that it is OK to feel however you feel. Give yourself permission to be authentic with your emotions. (If you feel like it, you can write permissions to feel on a piece of paper and carry them with you)

3. Gratitude. Make a list of all the experiences you enjoyed during this year. Remember when you felt happy, inspired, joyful and say thanks to people, nature, and things that were part of those experiences.
4. Reach out and touch someone close to you. Even though it might be hard, initiate physical contact. A handshake or a hug will increase the feeling of belonging.

If you feel sad, anxious, you have suicidal thoughts or you’re thinking about harming yourself, you can use the following contacts for help:

1. General emergency line – 112 – Services are available in English and German, and calls are traced by caller ID. If you need immediate psychiatric help, an ambulance will arrive and take you to the nearest hospital.
2. Samaritans- they are based in the UK, help is available 24/7. They can help you if you are in a state of distress or you need emotional support. You can reach them by phone or email.

+44 84 57 90 90 90

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