Individual sessions

Why individual therapy?

During an individual session, people meet with psychologists in a private setting. Sessions are usually 50mins long and happen once a week. Most of the psychologist’s work usually consists of this type of sessions. Besides discussing your problems in a private and confidential setting, the benefits of these sessions are having the complete attention of your psychologist, working intensely on your problems, and frequent meetings.
Unexpected Mood Swings

If you are struggling with controlling your emotions psychologist can offer support for you to better understand your emotions.

Someone to Talk To

Even though many people consider therapy to be the same as a conversation with your friends, a good therapist can offer a platform for discovering yourself in a setting that is accepting and supportive.

Mourning and grieving

After a loss of a loved one, a psychologist can offer an understanding and safe atmosphere, where mourning is freely expressed and clients.

Family Member Conflict

Relationships with our family members are very important. It is then no surprise that these are some of the hardest conflicts to deal with. A big part of therapy is focused on understanding relationships with family members and navigating through them easier.

Job Loss or Change

Career is important for many adults, for various aspects of their life. Even though changes related to career can be overwhelming, counseling can help with finding the best way to choose and build the right career as well as to overcome all the challenges it brings.


As a mood disorder, depression can show symptoms like sadness, feeling od loss, or anger. It can interfere with your daily life, work, and relationships. Exploring these feelings, as well as support in overcoming them is the core of my work. Additionally, I focus on finding, with my clients, effective ways of expressing one’s needs.

Strained Relationships

Carrying the heaviness of difficult relationships can make it hard to open emotionally in new relationships. When you come to terms with strained relationships more you have more time to focus on current relationships.

Stress & Anxiety

Feeling anxious can be very unpleasant. Anxiety-related problems, such as generalized anxiety, social anxiety, or panic attacks, are often hard to deal with without the help of a psychologist. I focus on finding the reasons for these symptoms and supporting clients to understand themselves and change their perception and behavior.

Irregular Sleep Cycles

Difficulties in falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night or too early in the morning are common. The most obvious concerns are fatigue and decreased energy, irritability, and problems focusing. The ability to make decisions and moods can also be affected. Sleep problems are often connected to depression or anxiety. Sleep problems can increase symptoms of depression or anxiety.

At the moment, my services are not covered by health insurance.
My working hours are mainly in the afternoon and evening, except on Monday when I work in the morning.
Sessions are available online and in person.

Individual sessions are 50minutes long. The price is 1000kč. Sessions are available in English and Serbian


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