Psychological support for foreigners in English in Brno

Individual therapy

Individual psychotherapy is a private session where we meet one-on-one usually once a week for up to 50 minutes and discuss your problems in a confidential and safe setting. This is a process through which we work together to explore your feelings, beliefs, or behaviors.


Workshops are a good option when you want to develop a new skill or to improve an existing one. Topics can vary from communication skills to more intimate issues. The number of participants is usually higher than in group therapy.

Group therapy

Group psychotherapy is a session that happens in a group of people with similar problems. Group usually meets twice a month and sessions last for 2 hours. Group therapy helps you improve social skills and empathy, and at the same time, it improves your feeling of belonging.

Hello! My name is Aleksandra Samardžiev,

and I’m here to help. My goal as a psychologist is to provide a safe and compassionate place where English speaking clients from Brno can get encouragement and support to fight life challenges. Whether you’re going through mourning, fighting with anxiety, or dealing with past traumatic events, there is hope.

My Expertise

I earned my Master of psychology degree at the University of Nis, Serbia. During my studies, I developed an interest in psychotherapy and clinical psychology. This interest motivated me to try different psychotherapeutic approaches. I found Gestalt psychotherapy to coincide the most with my life philosophy, and that is why I decided to learn more about it. Besides education, I spent a year working in Mental health hospital and 5 years as a counselor and therapist working with university students.

Getting Started is Easy


Can counseling help?

Whether you are struggling with a big life change, anxiety, overcoming trauma, or you want to increase the quality of your life, working with a psychologist can provide help.


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1st Session!

After initial contact by phone or email, we will agree on the first session. During this session, you will have the opportunity to express your wishes and expectations, and we will line out an approach to help you. Depending on your needs, therapy can last from a few months to a few years.



My Approach

My work is based on the following principles:
-every person is unique, and because of that I approach every client as a clean slate
-appreciation of the relationship between body, mind, and soul is essential for wellbeing
-if we want to get rid of unresolved anger, sadness, pain or shame, we cannot just talk about it we must actively work on it in the present
-awareness helps us learn more about ourselves, which in return helps us live our lives with confidence and joy

As a psychologist, I can help you if:

 -you feel alone and hopeless
 -you can’t make a decision
 -you feel scared
 -you struggle to achieve your goals
 -you find it hard to communicate with people close to you
 -you are going through a heartbreak or a period of mourning
 -it’s hard for you to be in a long term relationship and many other situations where you need support

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How much time will I need to overcome my problems?

This depends on the type of the problem, psychologist’s education, type of techniques psychologist uses, your motivation, your relationship with your psychologist… In my experience it can be from a few months to a few years.

3.Can I ask for help even when I am not in crisis?

You can ask for help even when you don’t feel threatened, but you want to improve specific areas of your life, such as: moodiness, troubles with focusing, relationship issues, insomnia, procrastination.

5.What should I know about my psychologist?

Your psychologist should be transparent about their university education, whether or not they have some additional trainings, their experience, how they work, how is your personal information protected. Besides this, you should feel free to ask questions about price, duration, and frequency of your sessions.

2.Why go to a psychologist?

People usually go to psychologist when they are in a state of crisis. This is a period when clients feel threatened, afraid, unable to cope with life’s challenges. Whether you need support after your loved one has died, after a break up, you are fighting anxiety or excessive stress, psychologist can help you stabilize so you can overcome the crisis. This process can be a few sessions to a few months long.

4.Can I work with psychologist online?

Online sessions are good option when you travel or you can’t visit your psychologist at their office. The setting of these sessions is a little bit different than face to face sessions, however they can provide you with necessary support.

6.What happens to information I give during sessions?

All psychologist have obligation to protect identity and personal information about their clients. That means that your name and details based on what your identity can be guessed are not shared, your contact data is deleted after your sessions are finished and your psychologist doesn’t discuss your sessions with anybody. If they do discuss them (e.g. supervision), they need to disclose that information to you.

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